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This Tuscan White Bean Soup with Prosciutto looks divine. Bonus points for using Fratelli Beretta prosciutto.… https://t.co/VsjZghJcoc

It's the perfect week to try a new soup recipe. Stufato di Coppa e Fagioli, anyone? https://t.co/RYJld5NQI3 https://t.co/STBLkpJxkE

@mountolivesa wants to know where YOU want to see our line of all-natural, low sodium meats carried. Tweet @ us and… https://t.co/ZZfPfs5IkF

Aiiight, that Wendy's and Wing Stop rap battle was pretty tight. Who should Fratelli Beretta (and our sidekick) cha… https://t.co/w2GGPJC9Z2